Unique Promotional Products For Doctors-How To Select The Best!

Living in middle of a pandemic, it cannot be denied that doctors and medical workers are the real super heroes. Saving lives every day while risking their own is something only kind hearted can do. Also we are not only talking about the doctors in the hospital but also those who are in the labs with, coming in contact with not only Corona virus but other viruses too. On a daily basis they deal with different threats and there is no deny that any form of appreciation is the least we can do.

You can promote your business and appreciate the medical staff simultaneously by reaching out to them through gifts. As many have been unable to meet their families, a box of surprise might help them lift their mood.

Here are some items you can gift to your family doctor, at a conference to send to any hospital as a thank you for their services…

  1. There is a range of items to choose from for doctors like sanitizers, personalized soaps, bags, wallets, pen and pad set, note pad, paper weight and many more. These are generic items and it’s better to add something more with it like a chocolates, brownies or fruit drinks. These items might have shorter shelf life but will be appreciated.
  2. There are many items in the market which double as something else like wooden docking stations. They not only charge your devise but also act as a table organizer. These items have sections to keep note pads, pens or watch. Not all stations are designed the same and some companies customize it according to your needs. It’s a perfect promotional gift that saves space and is a piece to look at.
  3. Prescription pads are something that will be used by the doctor every day and for long hours. Personalize the inside pages according to the requirements of the doctor(s) and the cover can have a logo of your business. This again can be paired with a bouquet and/or personalized chocolates.
  4. If you want to give some electronic accessories you can definitely try OTG pen drives. They are highly useful and easy to carry. Other things in the electronics section include speakers and portable chargers. Solar chargers are in trend now and also environmental friendly. Saregama Carvaan is something that every age group on doctors will like. If you have a lower budget you can go for the mini version of the same.  
  5. Another multi-purpose item is this LED lamp available on Promotional Wears (https://www.promotionalwears.com/occupation-gifts/pharma-gifts/4-in-1-tumbler-with-led-lamp). It’s not only a lamp but also has a small fan and a phone holder built in. It’s perfect for doctors to be used in their offices and at home.
  6. A photo stand is a fun and out of the box gift. It will not only remind them of you but also make them smile each time they look at it. It can be kept at their office or at home, as per their choice as a show piece.
  7. Wooden gifts are classy and doubles as a decorative item to the house. One we have already mentioned above, the docking station. Other items include music amplifier for phones, photo frames, a showpiece, pen stand etc. So you see there are thousands of such items!

Well, we have already jotted down promotional products for you. Now it’s important for you to keep in mind the following factors while choosing a gift for doctors.

Give something your business sells or is closely related to it. Example if you are a holiday planning company you can gift simple things like travelling tags or bags with your company’s logo on it.

Keep in mind the end user. Don’t add your logo in awfully big font. It won’t look subtle and classic, and the receiver might not want to use it. This defeats one of the main purposes of gifting. Try presenting everything personalized with either a small logo or the tagline of your company. In this way patients, guests or even the immediate family members will be reminded of your company on a day to day basis with will eventually sink in into their sub-conscious.

We suggest not giving wine bottles or beer packs. It might seem unprofessional and many doctors might not even consume it. It will seem like you are gifting something without knowing them. Hence, go for items that are used by them on a day to day basis.

More importantly if you are gifting something too simple like a pen or a note pad add something more like a cookie or chocolate box, some snacks or a fruit juice. These items won’t burn hole in your pocket and the promotional gift basket will seem more full.

Overall there are more pointers to keep in mind before selecting a gift, read them on Notes to make before advertising through promotional products