Women’s Day Corporate Chocolate Gifting And It’s Importance

They are the 50 percent of the world population and drive the workforce to success through tangible and intangible assets. The women in the workforce bring balance and stability and looking into the disadvantages they face in various ways, a small token of appreciation on a day dedicated to them not only appreciates their input, but also it lets the world know that your company has a balanced and positive work atmosphere.

Corporate gifts for such occasions which require bulk items can be expensive, but not necessarily. Choosing the right gift is very important as everyone has different choices. So, here the ultimate goal should be to select something that almost everyone likes and chocolates are one such thing. Corporate chocolates can be used for other work occasions like for Republic day or even for Holi celebration. Here we are focusing on corporate chocolates for Women’s day.

Apart from being versatile in terms of flavour, chocolates for corporate gifting are different in shapes and even the base ingredients. Further the packaging can be modified and customized according to your requirements. The box, individual piece, hamper and jars are different types of boxing and wrappings you can use for personalized corporate chocolates for women’s day.

Gifting chocolates can also be overwhelming. Which flavor to choose, type of packaging and number of pieces per person. We at Chocovira have all your needs covered. From over 20 flavors including ones like Hazelnut Delight and Rich Dark Chocolate to Strawberry Passion and Tangy Crackles. Above all you can customize your own flavors at pocket friendly costs.

Concerning the issue of packaging, we have various varieties that you can choose from –

  • Corporate chocolate box packaging is the most common for more than one reason. It can not only be made into different shapes and sizes but can be personalized with your company’s logo, tagline and print, that too inside out. For women’s day you can have an inspiring and appreciative line on the outside of the lid and your company’s logo on the inside. Other things you can do with a corporate chocolate box is have it shaped in different ways like a drawer, in shape of a purse or divide it into sections to include different flavours into one box.
Corporate Gifts for Womens Day
Womens Day Gift Boxes
  • If you are a small company, you can go for individual pieces and can place a few of them on each and everyone’s desk. The logo print of the company can be on wrapping of each chocolate piece. You can even add the chocolate pieces in bags containing other gifts.


  • If chocolate pieces are not something you want to go for but have a small budget, we also have corporate chocolate bars for you. Again you can have 2 for each employee, each of different flavour.


  • The next choice you can avail is jars. They are cute and professional looking, and above all they are easy to carry and can be reused by the receiver. The jars contain chocolates which can be individually wrapped or not. We suggest not to wrap the chocolates. This way they look inviting and tempting. Jars usually don’t have rectangle shaped chocolates so as to fit more. You can try out chocolate coated nut jars, flavourful delights that leave you for wanting more.
Corporate Chocolate Gift Bars for Womens Day
Cranberry Dragees
  • We are not done yet! You can go for corporate chocolate hampers as well. Like boxes they contain different varieties of chocolates added with beautiful decoration. Hampers usually have their base as a basket or tray which in turn add as gift. Corporate chocolate baskets are highly preferred for their aesthetic appearance.


  • Bags are yet another wrapping style taking pace with popularity. Handmade paper bags are beautiful and biodegradable unlike plastic bags, also they are more sophisticated. They can be personalized from top to bottom, including the strings. Here you can include box, jar and individual pieces all in one and unlike hampers are easy to carry. Also bags also include small pull- string bags. They are cute and feminine, and can have individual pieces, again it can be designed from the outside.         
Gifts for stakeholders and board members

It’s not that you only gift the women in your company on this day. Now you may wonder – why so? It’s women’s day and only they should receive a gift. Well, it’s not only that employees who build your company, it’s also the women who are your clients and also women in your employees family. Not only that you can randomly give other potential customers to grow your business.

Celebrating small and big milestones and occasions are a part of a healthy work environment. It brings stability and honesty within the firm allowing smooth functioning of the company.