What does a Welcome Gift Include? And The Dos And Don’ts!

One-stop-shop for the perfect welcome gifts? There is no such thing. Similarly, there is no such thing as a one-for-all type of welcome gift. Different aspects of an event require different solutions towards planning a perfectly assembled set of items that complement each other and yet stand out individually. 

Don’t worry we are here to help you work out your gift assembly line in a smooth manner for sophisticated results. 

Common Welcome Gifts

Even common welcome gifts are different for different occasions, ages, and locations which we will discuss in detail. 

More often than not welcome gifts for new employees typically include a carry bag (example tote or custom quality bag) with the business logo and a catchy phrase – which typically include a pen, classic notepad or sticky notes, coffee mug, branded team t-shirt and sometimes even a bottle, backpack and a lunch box. Many times instead of a welcome gift bag companies go for files that do not include most of the above-mentioned items.

Similar to the above situation is conference meetings which have a few items that are not commonly included in the welcome gift hamper for new employees. They include – water, some kind of dry food item, pen and notepad with the company’s logo, a map of the area, and flowers. 

On the contrary family and friend gatherings are different. They require more personalized touch to each pick keeping in mind everyone’s preference. They are often personalized chocolates, some kind of liquid and not usually water, some self-care products, and a card.

Two other different situations are welcome gifts for hotel guests and new or exchange students.

For hotel guests, the common welcome gift items usually include a cool drink, chocolates, use and throw napkins and essential day to day items like toothbrush, toothpaste, and the like. For new admissions or exchange students several stationery items for elementary school students and chocolates, which can be given to anyone.

If you are into simple once like mentioned, we have laid down for you a few ideas that with decorative pieces and carefully selected color pallet look stunning –

  1. For kids, a beautiful handmade printed paper bag with some stationery items like crayons and paint, tiffin box, and bottle. Chocolates are a forever go-to item for children and you can definitely try our roasted almonds to give that nutty goodness.
  2. For new employees, a set of team-branded goodies like a coffee mug, a bag, pen, and a notepad added with a few chocolates are a standard.

For wedding guests, a common item includes sweets and a box of 4 pieces with a beautiful wedding design. Here either you can go for a single flavor or 2 pieces of each or each flavor can be unique. There are over two dozen exotic flavors to choose from on Chocovira.

Here you won’t need to spend a lot of time to choose the gifts and the prices are highly affordable. 

For a detailed list of the various welcome gifts check out our post on Out of the box welcome gifts for different events

Welcome Gifts According To Age

Always take into consideration the age factor is very important. Like during weddings, almost everyone receives a welcome gift, even children. Here a box of delicious chocolates and maybe a soft toy for the kids is a perfect gift, but the same cannot be given to elders. Similarly for new students, you can go for a book on wisdom and life and a box of hazelnut chocolates from our menu for middle and high school students. But for the younger age groups, the book might be a fairy tale one or something other than a wisdom one.

Welcome Gift According To The Occasion

Professional welcome gifts are more subtle in color and include items like a refreshing drink, like lychee or coconut water, a few chocolates, a diary, pen, and maybe some electronic accessories like a pen drive or a multi use charger. They are usually personalized with the brand or business logo.

Gifts for friends and family are more homely as they are handpicked and can include things like a set of handkerchiefs, a small plat, flowers, maybe some wearable items like earrings and socks, and chocolates. Being colorful and poppy is one of the main characteristics of such gifts.

Welcome Gift According To The Location

Never forget to think about the ease with which your guests can carry their gift and where the event is set. If your guests are coming from a different city or country you can always include a small map of the event location and the city, a first aid kit, and something for them to quench their thirst from the long journey, also include something for them to eat. Here you can be creative and add famous local dishes for them to explore more.

Give gifts that can be easily carried around and don’t demand a lot of space. If the venue and the hotel are not close enough, go for paper bags or fabric bags. Items that do not require to be moved can be kept in a basket.

The Do’s And Don’ts

There are a lot of things that require attention to detail while planning a welcome gift. 

  • For every set that includes good items, be sure of not including anything too messy or wet. Try including sweets like brownies or chocolates. You can choose the ones that you like from our menu or get it customized. 
  • Don’t include the entire color wheel into your gift items, use subtle colors. If you want to go for bright colors go for 2-3 colors that will be used for all your gift items. Refer to the color wheel and select those that complement each other. Also monochrome is the trend nowadays. You can have the same colored items according to your event theme. 

Gifting can be overwhelming but one common item in all gifts are chocolates. For hassle free selection and packing of finger licking, melt- in- the- mouth chocolates for welcome gifts and other purposes check out Chocovira.