Welcome Gifts For New Customers/Potential Customers

When a customer walks into your store he/she not only looks for good products or services that you offer but also good customer service. This means they want people who can answer their questions related to your business and the doubts they have about the products. These potential customers can be easily converted into customers through welcome gifts. Welcome gifts to build a brand image and bring in more customers. Even if they do but anything from you instantly, they will definitely remember your brand and come back when they need anything related to your brand. 

For customers who have bought something from you for the first time are ‘new customers’, and a small token of appreciation as welcome gifts will have a positive impact on them. The purchase they make will seem more like an investment than expenditure.

Now the question is what should you gift a new or potential customer? Well, you will be running a business, hence, spending more than what you earn will lead to losses. We have put together a few simple yet ingenious ideas for welcome gift hampers for new/ potential customers –

  • For simple and inexpensive gifts you can always go for a simple box of chocolates. Handmade ones are better. You can always personalize the chocolate box by printing your business logo and a small message. You can also personalize welcome chocolates at Chocovira. One thing that will definitely be useful for everyone is gift cards. Gift cards can be of different types and for different products or services that you or your partner company provides. For example – a restaurant gift card or clothing gift card or discount coupons on some service gift cards. These are fairly cheap for a business to gift and leaves a good impression on your customer. 
  • Consider building relationships with your customer by linking your service and customer directly. How? Suppose you are a traveling agency, apart from gifting discount coupons as mentioned above you can give items like neck pillow, cardholder, Leather travel snap valet, anti-crease shirt case or something as simple as a key ring. For more such ideas on traveling gadgets, you can refer to The Intelligent Guide (https://www.theintrepidguide.com/brilliant-travel-accessories/#.XwHiSSgzZPY)
  • Simple things never go out of style. A set of professional notebook or diary and pen might sound simple, but a cased version is a mark of good quality. If you think this is way too simple you can add a box of chocolates or high-quality brands to your welcome gift bag. 
  • Chargers require an electric output and all of us at least once in a lifetime might have run out of charge with no output nearby. Hence, a power bank is a perfect gift for almost any new customer. If you think this is too cliche and you have lightly a higher budget, you can opt for a multi-use adapter or a charging station.
  • Making a charitable donation on behalf of your customer is a fairly common practice and for a good reason. It not only satisfies the customer but also leaves an impact of goodwill that your company holds.
  • If you are a small upcoming business and cannot afford to spend a lot on welcome gifts, something as simple as personalized soap bars or scented candles are also great gifts. They can be used by the customer as soon as they reach home or can be included in their travel kit. 

The idea of welcome gifts for potential customers might not be appreciated by everyone also not all businesses might be able to afford it. In that case, you can just hand out handwritten welcome notes. It will be appreciated by the customer and won’t cost you much.

The traditional method of advertising still exist but social media marketing is slowly gaining more popularity and so is welcome gifts for customers. It might not be as far-reaching as the other techniques mentioned above, but it brings loyalty from each customer that walks into your office or shop. Thus, even though the reach might be less, the response is higher and consistent. Moreover, word of mouth is a very good tactic, and targeting new customers will bring in more customers as the word about your business spreads.