Surprise Welcome Gifts For New/ Exchange Students

Students, especially toddlers have a hard time, in the beginning, to adjust to a new environment. The same goes for exchange students. Even though they are visiting your school for a few weeks they are in a completely different environment with people and culture they are unaware of. A wholehearted welcome might take off a bit of stress from their shoulders and they will feel comfortable. 

Welcome gifts are a great way to do so. It will not only make them happy but also feel a part of the crowd as most of the things will be things that everyone uses. This is especially true for exchange students.It is not very difficult to find welcome gifts for students. 

Here are some of the many options you can consider gifting your students for a warm welcome-

  • If the batch of new students is between the ages of 5-7 years you can go for play dough sets. They are fun and colorful, and additionally can be used in school for the creative class. If you think that is not enough, add a box of chocolates. Not many as some parents might be concerned about the cavity. 
  • When it comes to school, water bottles and lunch boxes are something that every child needs, so why not go for that? Give personalized bottles and lunch boxes with a few edibles inside the box. It’s a surprise inside a surprise!
  • Puzzles are fun for all ages, considering the age factor there are different types of puzzle sets that you can choose to give as a welcome gift. For higher levels, you can select from Best Reviews Guide ( You can also go for memory game sets for toddles. Unique games will not only help them to engage in creative activities but also take their mind off cell phone games and TV. 
  • There no better gift for children than books. There are various types you can choose from for different ages. You can go for coloring books, activity books and picture books for the younger age group. For others, there are a lot of wisdom books and other kinds of books you can choose from.

Some more amazing ideas to welcome the students…

  • One thing that all age groups love is sweet and savory treats. Either you can give a big containing different items or you can gift one item to all. There is a wide variety to choose from like chocolates, brownies, popcorn, Tic Tack, candies, potato chips, etc. Try going for vegetarian and dry items as vegetarian items will not cause confusion on who to give what and is a safer choice, also dry items won’t cause a mess. 
  • Glow sticks bands are inexpensive, fun, and trigger ideas to create patterns among children. If you think that not enough, you can always add a drink appropriate for children and some snacks into your welcome gift bag. A few toffees will also do the trick. 
  • Magic slates are something that is still popular. They can be reused without causing any waste.
  • Exchange students are teenagers and items like coloring book or magic slate are items that they will never use. Besides a welcome cake, a hamper containing local snacks, a map, and a few items like a wearable blanket or a sunscreen keeping in mind the weather of your state is a perfect gift. Here you can add more snacks and sweet items than adding other stuff if you have a small budget. You can also add items from their hometown as a mark of respect and an assurance that they won’t miss anything from their homeland while their stay.
  • If you have a higher budget, you can go for multi-use adapters, power banks, or travel neck pillows. These items will not only be helpful during their stay but also for their upcoming journeys.

How To Make Children’s Gift More Attractive?

What matters a lot is the decoration. Make the gift look attractive, unlike professional gifts, like that of corporate meetings that use subtle colors and go for a monochrome theme. Use colors that attract the eyes and not that hurt the eyes like neon shades. Avoid using too much of the same color or black and white. It will in no way look pleasing.  

Add decorative items like thermocol balls and colorful shavings into the bag. It will not only make it more attractive but also take up some space to make it seem full. Here be sure of not using more decorative items than the gift.

Yes, welcome gifts for students are not very difficult to find, making them attractive and presentable is. Moreover adding a lot of snacks or sweet items can be a problem, hence, we hope the alternate ideas that we have put together for you helps you to go for something new and exciting.