Best Welcome Gifts Ideas For Wedding Guests-Outstation or In town

It’s no fun if weddings aren’t big and fat. Destination or not, a wedding is one of the most grand and most important days of anyone’s life and sure you want everyone to feel welcomed on the occasion. You might not be able to greet everyone thoroughly on this day, but a small gesture of welcome gifts for the wedding guests does the job for you. Not only your guests will feel welcomed, they will also take back happy memories.

Weddings can be expensive, and the idea of adding the expense of welcome gifts can be overwhelming. So the first question that arises is why go for a welcome gift? Firstly because the issue of not being able to greet everyone as mentioned above. Secondly because it’s a way of showing gratitude towards your guests who took out precious time from their daily lives to share this special day with you.

Now, considering the expense, if planned properly, it won’t cost a lot. Focusing more on quality gifts than the quantity part of it is the key.

For events like weddings, go for a gift bag and not a basket unless you want to place it in their hotel rooms. Welcome gift bags are easy to carry and can be put down anywhere without it taking a lot of space.

So here we have put together different types of welcome gifts ideas for wedding guests.

You can mix and match the items as per your requirement –

  1. A spa set can be used by anyone and is definitely not boarding. You can either go for a bath spa set which mostly includes bath bombs, essential oils, bath salts, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and scented candles for a complete set. The second option you can do is a face spa set containing items like mask, cream, scrub and face wash. Here you will have to take care of having all the items to be neutral in nature so that it does not end up causing reaction.
  2. The good old snacks and drinks set can never be out of style. Not only you can include all the different types of flavors but also textures like salty, sweet, savory, mint and everything in between. You can add alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages like fruit drinks. Add a few local items, a complete package is what we like to call it.
  3. Chocolates as gifts might sound simple but are not. Welcome chocolates are quite a thing and mostly handmade, thus high quality. Also you can personalize the packaging and choose the flavors you like. Some companies also personalize the flavors for you. Check out some of the flavors we offer at Chocovira and also the packaging.
  4. If you are getting married in a hot place consider adding things like sunscreen, goggles and a hat. Similarly you can add a map of the area if the wedding is a destination wedding. Even if not you can add one for your outstation guests.
  5. For tea and coffee lovers you can put together a set of different coffee and tea types or give a set including cups and coffee makers with only one flavor.

Make your guests at home with stunning gifts, you can always add or remove items from each hamper that we have put together for you. Like you can only gift mini wine bottles instead of including it in a set with snacks and other items. Similarly, only scented candles are also a great gift. Include a set of 2-4 candles in a box of different fragrances and you are good to go.

Always remember to decorate the packaging. It is easy to have a printed box with any message you want on it. Also decorative items can be added to basket gifts, but for welcome gift bags you will have color coordinate the items.If you are planning to include more than 2 items in your wedding welcome gift, be sure of using subtle colors and the ones that even if are contrast colors, complement each other. Refer to the color wheel in order to make sure that the packaging does not look tacky and your guests hate it even before they go through everything.