Conference Promotional Gift Ideas

In today’s world conferences have become a major part of businesses. It is not just a gathering of people but also brings together different thoughts, opinions and perspectives on not only one but various other topics.

There are various types of conferences like – AGM, Seminar, and Workshop etc., which attract and gather people from different walks of life. A brief and simple understanding of these different types of conference you can go to Congress Rental (

Promoting your business during these conferences through promotional products will help you to reach more and more people. This way you’ll also spend less than the traditional advertising costs. It gives people the opportunity to know your products and services better as well as your attitude and business practices.

Promotional products are items you give your clients, employees, potential clients etc. for free. What you choose and how you disseminate these promotional gift items plays a major role in brand building. If you present something that the receiver won’t use on a regular basis, it won’t give you a high brand recall. Include your logo on each item in a subtle way, and if you feel that the item won’t be used if there is a logo or a tag line, don’t include it.

Don’t worry about the promotion of these products, if the item is good the popularity will increase through word of mouth. Also if you are giving them more than one item and there is no place where they can place it safely while they are attending the conference. It might frustrate them. 

Here are some amazing conference promotional gift ideas for you…

  1.     Press conferences include not only the board members and shareholders but also the media. Many media personals have a restriction on what they can accept during such meetings, hence, this point needs to be kept it mind while selecting a gift. Media personals will always need a pad and a pen no matter what, so this gift might seem simple but is very useful for them. Other items include bottles, hot lunch box set and mugs. These are the items they can use inside or even outside the office. There are many companies which have come up with ingenious ideas of including water bottle and coffee mug in one.

Reusable coffee mugs leads to billions of tons of waste and are difficult to recycle due to their inner plastic lining. The two- in- one bottle also promotes the fact that your company is committed towards saving the environment.


  1.     Almost for any type of conference if you think one gift or a simple set of pen and diary is not enough, you can add a box of chocolates, cookies, fruit drinks or any other type of snack. Be it any type, conference requires preparation and commute which is hectic. These items do have a short shelf life but project out the message that you care about the attendees of the conference.    


  1.     If you know your conference attendees well and you know that they enjoy a certain type of sport or leisure activity, you can always gift them something related to that. If they like golf, you can gift them a club, golf ball set or an entire golf set. The choice depends on your budget and the person you will be gifting it to. There are table games like desk bean bag toss game or dart board game and many others you can choose from.


  1.     While choosing gift for shareholders and board members you have to be very careful of the item and its quality. Here you can go for electronic items like wireless charger, power bank, Bluetooth speaker, OTG pen drive or even headphones. These items are premium and suit your target audience perfectly, not to mention the sophistication it brings to the table. 


  1.     Personal care items like trimmers, beard care products, skin and hair care products are great gift items. They are not very unique but are definitely personal. They can be of regular use, thus, increasing brand recall.

 Conferences are a great way to touch many lives and promote your product. If you want to know the various upsides of promotional products read Promotional products – importance for business growth and branding.